Uh, duh?

blockbuster VIP maiboxYou needed a media conference to figure out that people are fleeing broadcast and cable TV because they don’t like to watch ads?

This New York Times story, chronicling the latest wailing and gnashing of teeth over streaming by TV executives who should have known better, says:

“Is Netflix a friend or an enemy to traditional television?

On one hand, the streaming service has added billions of new dollars into the television business in recent years, building up its offerings by licensing programs from TV groups. But as Netflix increases its total number of subscribers, some analysts and industry executives are starting to voice a concern — that a steady rise in streaming is fueling the deterioration of traditional TV audiences and related ad revenues.”

When a Netflix executive says that Netflix is “absolutely complementary” to your media distribution business, as Reed Hastings said about Blockbuster in 2007 and Ted Sarandos said about cable in 2011, it means you are already toast. You missed the boat. Done. The gates are closed and Trojan horse is inside.

Instead of palavering this for another four years, TV executives, why not fix it with more innovative thinking like this?


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