Netflixin’ in the Land Down Under

netflix_auDon’t know how I missed this but Netflix has set an actual date for its Australia/New Zealand launch — March 24 — and started pushing out details about how the streaming service will look and function Down Under. For ongoing details, check out the company’s local social media accounts: Twitter/Instagram (@NetflixANZ), Facebook ( and Tumblr (NetflixANZ).

Sadly, Australians have home data caps but Netflix has worked out an “unmetering” deal with broadband provider, iiNet, to stream “hours of entertainment … with no fear of the usage counting against” the caps. The deal, which mirrors a similar arrangement cut by one of Netflix’s new Australian competitors, provoked the ire of Wall Street Journal columnist L. Gordon Crovier, who thought Netflix was hypocritical for getting special treatment for its content.

Australians and Kiwis and the merchants that serve them don’t seem to care about politics — there’s a smorgasbord of Netflix-related offers out there for the launch of the streaming service, which sails fully formed into the Antipodean market like Venus on a half shell.

Televisions and device manufacturers have gotten on board by offering free Netflix trial subscriptions with purchase of Netflix-enabled devices. Vodafone is giving new mobile phone customers in New Zealand three free months of Netflix. We won’t know anything about pricing until March 24, but the company said it will offer three types of plans: a single-stream standard definition plan, two-stream high-definition plan and four-stream 4K ultra-high definition “family” plan.

This is the first English-speaking market where Netflix will launch its service with a full complement of devices, broadband coverage and well-known original content, so it will be interesting to see what happens with subscriber acquisitions. Can’t wait.

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