I approve of the Netflix Seal of Approval

The concept of a Netflix Seal of Approval for televisions is cool for a couple of reasons:

a) There was a time when almost every major electronics maker turned down Netflix’s request to put coupons for free rentals in DVD and TV boxes (See how the worm turns!), and ;

b) The idea of an “Instant On” button, as described in this TechHive post lets us ponder what home entertainment is going to be like when nobody is watching broadcast or cable television any longer. Sort of like a video library where one calmly selects and enjoys content, free of all commercial distractions and time constraints.

Man, if I had known in the 70s and 80s that someday I’d be able to pick up “Lost In Space” or “Gilligan’s Island” at the very point I’d had to turn off the TV to do my homework or eat supper, life would have been a lot more serene for my parents.

I could try to romanticize my childhood “hardship” but, really, I can’t think of anything negative about the internet television viewing. I actually think I spend less time watching TV and get more of the content I want than back in the days when I suffered through the end of “I Love Lucy” and zillions of commercials to see the show I wanted. That’s progress.

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