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Streaming TV: A portal to the next big thing in film

I got to playing with my AppleTV last weekend after a long-delayed software update and spent an embarrassing amount of time on Vimeo, a curated channel for indie filmmakers. Streaming TV is giving audiences access to amazing and innovative content … Continue reading

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‘Grey market’ Netflix subscribers show love globally

Well, this is interesting. Netflix already has a sizable and fast-growing subscriber base in Australia, even though the streaming service is not set to launch there until early next year, according to this graphic from the personal finance site Pocketbook. … Continue reading

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Can Amazon and Netflix peacefully co-exist?

I don’t really agree with the premise that Amazon Instant Video is within striking distance of Netflix, not just because the two services are still so far apart by the only measure that counts — hours streamed — but because … Continue reading

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The Human Side of Netflix’s Matching Algorithm

I have written a lot about Netflix’s matching algorithm, dubbed “Cinematch” by the founding team. I did not know the company still uses humans to tag and rate aspects of movies and TV shows. It’s kind of amazing that they have … Continue reading

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If Hastings is the Web’s Louis B Mayer, does that make Ted Sarandos its Cecil B DeMille?

I get asked a lot lately whether I think Netflix is going to become a major player in creating original series – the underlying question, of course, is whether CEO Reed Hastings and content chief Ted Sarandos are gunning for … Continue reading

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To Everything (Beer, Dancing and Content Windows) There is a Season – but Content is Eternal

I was at a honky-tonk in South Texas this weekend, dancing and socializing, as I do most weekends with my boyfriend Joe, and I had a conversation with a fellow patron that convinced me that consumers have mentally jettisoned appointment … Continue reading

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“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” —Mark Twain

Memory is an interesting and crucial factor when you’re writing a book about events that moved quickly and were not well documented contemporaneously—a situation that commonly occurs at Silicon Valley startups. The conditions—long working hours, a blistering pace and less … Continue reading

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This Means War—Privations of a Price War

There was one very consistent element to every interview I did for Netflixed: every member of the Blockbuster and Netflix teams expressed the sentiment that the paradigm-shattering fight between the two companies had been the highlight of their professional careers. … Continue reading

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